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We humans love our cats and these surprising true stories will prove our cats love us back! This collection of tales of playfulness, friendship,..

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Whether youre a total novice or practically a pro, this indispensible guide from McCalls is packed with instructions, tips and fascinating facts that..

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Nothing beats seeing your woodworking on display or the reaction you get when you give your work as a gift. The problem is finding enough time to..

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Хотите сделать приятный и полезный подарок людям, увлекающимся цветоводством, или углубить собственные познания в этой сфере? Коллекция журналов..

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In Floyd around the Med, Keith Floyd shares his experiences of travelling around the Mediterranean, exporing the food, drink and people of each..

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Aimed at beginner artists interested in cartooning and at the countless fans of cartoons, animation and comics. Not only are cartoons a form of..

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For jewellery makers who have had some experience with beading, wire-working and basic cold-connection techniques (such as riveting) and are ready to..

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Herbs are one of the wonders of the garden and kitchen. This little book will be an inspiration for keen gardeners and cooks: learn how to grow your..

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Если из молочных продуктов вы готовите лишь несколько привычных блюд, прочитайте рецепты, собранные в этой книге. Вам обязательно захочется..

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Noir is just as powerful in comics as it is in films: dark angles, shadowy, high contrast images, moody lighting, an anti-hero that struggles with..

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