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Дидона и Эней (англ. Dido and Aeneas) - опера в трех действиях английского барочного композитора Генри Пёрселла, либретто Наума Тейта по поэме..

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Book on learning of architectural design to the beginners, who at present follow the rules prepared for the artists, painters and sculptors. I worked..

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Over the years, talented architects have occasionally indulged themselves with the challenge of designing small but perfectly formed buildings...

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For three years, the British photographer Nick Waplington worked closely with New York fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi, granted rare back stage access..

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Мир вокруг нас развивается стремительно. Научно-технический прогресс наступает, мобильные устройства полностью перевернули нашу жизнь, социальные..

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Mastering Black & White Photography is the definitive work on how to shoot black & white images on todays sophisticated digital SLR and compact..

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Exquisite images from award-winning National Geographic photographer Robert Clark offer a captivating perspective on the vast beauty and myriad..

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This intimate portrait of eight houses by the Maine architect Carol A. Wilson illustrates how “local” is an idea as close to architecture as it is to..

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Фотографы, как астрономы, наблюдают за звездами. Екатерина Рождественская двадцать лет смотрела, как восходят одни звезды, кометами пролетают другие,..

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Only a few years ago, fashion photography used to be a stuffy world for a tiny elite. Now an explosion in social media and lifestyle advertising has..

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