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If you dream about perfectly prepared crab cakes, steamed Dungeness straight from the shell, or lightly battered soft-shell crabs, this is your..

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Репринт с издания. Книга о питании для здоровых и больных. Пер. с нем. 2-е изд. Москва, Посредник, 1913. 3 отдельных листа таблиц Серия:..

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Dinosaurs and kids: when those two words come together, you know youve got a winner. The popularity of these prehistoric beasts just never seems to..

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Make your own designer jewellery using beads, wire and fashion pieces with this new book from the award-winning Founder of the London Jewellery..

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Enter the wonderful world of jewelry making with this fun and easy-to-follow book. Whether you are looking to create a special piece for yourself or..

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Bestselling how-to-draw author Christopher Hart celebrates grrrrllll power with a wildly entertaining colouring book featuring manga’s most popular..

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Вышивание - это один из самых распространённых видов рукоделия, который уходит своими корнями в глубокую древность. Наша книга поможет вам освоить..

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There''s not a lunch box, birthday party, or afternoon snack that isn''t made more delicious and fun with onigiri! These bite-size balls of rice can..

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In todays busy world, Easy Quilts makes it possible for people to satisfy their passion for quilting. This big collection offers 31 quilts that can..

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Кожаные изделия ручной работы ценились во все времена, и сейчас они опять входят в моду. Авторский аксессуар из кожи выделит вас из толпы, позволит..

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