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In all over the world, cantaloupe is one of the most popular vegetables, but maintaining it throughout distribution is difficult. So that, some interesting functional products such as fresh-cuts and juices could be developed. In these products, the effect of cold storage at 5±0.5°C under air atmosphere, heat treatment and concentration under vacuum were evaluated. In all treatments, the increases were recorded for color, total soluble solids (TSS) and pH values. Concerning fresh-cuts stored.. подробное описание на сайте интернет продавца

Характеристики Studies on Cantaloupe Products

Кол-во страниц132Язык изданияАнглийский
Автор на обложкеMohamed Abd El-Hameed Mohamed and Ahmed Adel El-BadawiГод2014
Высота упаковки1ИздательствоLAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Ширина упаковки1Штрихкод9783659595417
Вес0.501Глубина упаковки1
АвторMohamed Abd El-Hameed Mohamed and Ahmed Adel El-BadawiКоличество страниц132

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