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Описание товара

In this study, Quality of Service (QoS) investigation of VoIP traffic was performed in a real time network besides other types of network traffic such as web, database and video. The purpose of this study is to investigate the performance of various implementations of the VoIP Codecs over an IPv6 LAN, when the frame count per packet is increased. Each Codec was configured with different frame counts per packet to observe the impact of these differences on the VoIP QoS, in terms of voice.. подробное описание на сайте интернет продавца

Характеристики Voice Codecs over IPv6

ИздательствоLAP Lambert Academic PublishingВысота упаковки1
Язык изданияАнглийскийВес0.501
Автор на обложкеDabiah AlboaneenКоличество страниц116
Кол-во страниц116Возраст18+
Ширина упаковки1ISBN9783659554933
Глубина упаковки1АвторDabiah Alboaneen

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