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1- Although Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) rectified the valid IPv4 shortage, Network Address Translation (NAT) was deployed to decrease overwhelming demand for registered IPv4 addresses. By using NAT in both client / server and Peer-to-Peer networks, many problems which effect the rate of data downloading and uploading for users such as network overhead and packet discarding were encountered; however, the effecting rate of each problem relates to the use of TCP and UDP ports. There are.. подробное описание на сайте интернет продавца

Характеристики An Empirical Investigation into Peer

Год2011Ширина упаковки1
Глубина упаковки1Автор на обложкеMohammad Sadeghpour Nazari
ИздательствоLAP Lambert Academic PublishingРазмеры0.000/0.000/0.000
Высота упаковки1Язык изданияАнглийский
Возраст18+Количество страниц140
Штрихкод9783846506790АвторMohammad Sadeghpour Nazari
ЯзыкАнглийскийКол-во страниц140

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